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Looks like some dents in the bottom !!
Just a little bit out of my "garage" and "estate" sales pricing as well!

Thanks for sharing!  Always love looking at what is out there!
Hi and welcome to Antique-Shop forum!

Could you please post pictures of both items?  The Homan pieces looks as if it has had a rough life.
Thanks Mart
Welcome to the group !!
What is that mark on ??  Bowl or what ??  Its quadruple plate so slightly more silver plating than some but still plate !!
Looks like that one has had a scrubber used on it,, Not good !!
Hi!  I've been going through some inherited items, really don't have a good idea where to search for answers.  Items in question are a silver plate (Wilcox) and a silver bowl/dish (Homan).  I need to clean them, but looking up the markings, I can find the companies but not the numbers themselves.  Are there better online resources to help me track some of this down?  Thanks in advance for your input!

No record of him that I could find !!  Pretty common for students to use both sides for studies !!
Thanks Ipcress! will do!!
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Thank you Mart
Henry George Moon

Have another google
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