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Deutsch Noritake

I have some figurines that are stamped Royal Meridian han_gemak_ and have a label that says Deutsche Noritake.  I got them many years ago - at least 30 - and I am trying to get some information about them.

This is the first time I have never been able to find something on the internet.

Does anyone have a suggestion?


here's one example:

yes, a copy & paste will work !

Germany - and I'll continue the search - try & track the Noritake link   KB

found "references" to Deutsche Noritake but sites either don't open or the item is no longer shown - and have you tried here: m?  In their collectibles section they show several Noritake figurines and the replacement prices on some are rather high.  Perhaps the figurines were made in Japan and Deutsche Noritake is/was the German distributer.  


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