Author Topic: very old original WW1 photos in journal  (Read 869 times)


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very old original WW1 photos in journal
« on: February 11, 2008, 07:34:12 PM »
Hey there.

I inherited a journal from WW1, with approximately 100 photos, all about 3" or 4" square.
They are all of WW1 subject matter, german bi-planes in trees on fire, dead soldiers in trences, unmarked mass graves etc.
A lot of german and worldwide photos. All original photos, all in excellent condition, considering age.

We heard the creator of the journal, which is a very old kodak dry mount album, was a photographer with some army.

It really is a great collection, and i was just wondering as to the value of the album, if anyone could direct me to anywhere that would be able to help me.

Cheers, Carey