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Homan MFG. co. quadruple plate fruit or bread basket dated 1903(photo added)


My mother passed away recently and this was found in the basement in a box.  It looks like it holds fruit or bread.  has a beautiful handle.  one the bottem it says Homan MFG. co. patented dec 22 1903.  says warranted quadruple plate.  says special metal 2527 also.  I have no idea where this came from and am just curious about it.  beautiful piece in mint condition.  thanks

This has not been cleaned or shined because iam not sure what to use so it wont be damaged.  in perfect condition

Would be much easier if we could see a picture.

Sounds like a serving or displaying basket. Some pieces of that era had glass inserts.

Quadruple means four (4) times, four layers of plating such as silver plated, gold plated, chrome plated, etc.

Yes, and a picture would be helpful.


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