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Large Pig Jar


So far what I got for info on this is that its made by libby, it hold 5 gallons. Amber color and says this little piggy on bottom. Does anyone know anything about it? is it old, is it original, is it worth selling?

Think I may have stumbled across a hint to the origin of your jar. I know I have seen some over the years, usually used as a coin collecting bottle. Check out this description of a stained glass panel which uses the base of one of these jars for it's centerpiece.

"This Little Piggy Went to Market

The central piece of the Piggy window was harvested from the bottom of a giant pigs knuckles jar. The words This little piggy went to market are embossed around the pig."

Sorry no luck yet with a maker or date.

I have found a few in a range of colors and all said they were made by the Libbey Company.  Remember that cheesy glass snowman candy jar that EVERYONE had back in the 80's? Same company.  I think they also may have produced the glass planters peanut jar.  You know the one in the shape of the peanut mascot.  But on a positive note I did a search for this on ebay and found a libbey antique car glass jug that was listed at $250.  But it seemed to be new and compared to the other items way over priced.

thank you both for the input


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