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Rayo Lantern #77

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Hi everyone, I was searching this lantern online and felt at first that maybe it was a reproduction then when I found how to open it correctly now I see that it must have been painted at some point.
15.5 inches tall
Metal is magnetic except for oil cap, still has a wick but it is not loaded
Any thoughts dates and value would be fabulous :)
Thanks a Bunch,

Welcome to the forum smile4katie!   :)

Did a quick search and found these.......

Patent date of 1912 doesn't necessarily mean production date, but does give you a starting point

Don't know if prices show up for you as I am signed in to the site.....

Estimate $100 - $200
Starting Bid $10

SOLD for $20

Will check around a bit more when I get home from work. Hope these helped a bit.

From the look of the 5th picture someone cranked the wick into the base. You will hafta fish it outta there and re-insert in the burner ...... by either inserting it in the top of the burner and cranking it down ...... or removing the burner from the base and inserting it in the bottom and cranking it up.

ps: the burner screws into the base. A left twisting should easily remove it.

Kind of neat to 'read'..... ;)

Sapphire's post of the liveauctioneers price of $20 is accurate. I see many of these, not necessarily Rayo, and most go for $10-20. I have paid $5 for some used as garden accents. The brand usually seen here in Wisconsin is Dietz. Commonly referred to as barn lanterns here.

Genuine marked Railroad lanterns are much higher.


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